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I See What You Say DVD an manual.

Communicate better! Learn to speechread with "I See What You Say" Lip Reading Program.


You will learn to discriminate between "Sound" and "pound" --"near" and "fear".


This interesting, easy to follow, lipreading video program will enhance speech discrimination and help compensate for noise and distortion, and help elevate feelings of isolation for those with hearing loss. It is also provides assistance for those adjusting to cochlear implant. This NEW clearly presented format of instruction teaches individual sound positions and provides enjoyable practice activities with single words, phrases, sentences and brief stories. Sixteen speakers are presented. This lip reading program includes a partially captioned video with interactive manual to help you literally see what others are saying.

The shape lips make as they form words.

One hour DVD
with 60 page interactive handbook
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Endorsed By The Editor of Tinnitus Today & Hearing Loss Magazine

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About the program creator:
Mary Kleeman, MA, is a Speech and Language Pathologist who
works with adults and children with speech disorders or hearing loss.


"I See What You Say"
Four Star Rating
ABC CLIO Video Rating Guide
"Recommended. Production standards are high"
- Christopher Lewis
American University Library.
Washington, D.C